Member of Actor Equity Bangladesh
Website: www.nusratjdiana.com
E-Mail: nusrat_diana@yahoo.com
Address: Dhaka,Bangladesh


I am a Bangladeshi, female 34 years, working as an Actress. I have some
successful achievements in this sector and have gained some reputation
in the field of modelling, dreams, and movies. So I believe that better and
dynamic environment is certainly very much helpful to build up a
challenging career. Few of my works details are mentioned below:

1. JAAGO—2010 (Released all over Bangladesh)
2.GURILLA—2011 (Released all over Bangladesh and internationally)
1.Citycell One—2007 (Telecom company)
2.Ruchi Dall Vaja—2007 (A snacks product)
3.Banglalink Desh—2008 (Telecom company)
4.RFL chopping Boards—2013 (House holds product)
5.SMC—2014 (A Birth control product)
6.RFL Door—2015 (House product)
7.Robi Mother’s Day—2015 (Telecom product)

1.Alta-Sundori—(2008 & 2009)-Mega Series on aired on Rtv
2. Rakkhosi—2009 (Special drama on aired on ATN Bangla)
3. Chorai Dhon—2009 (Special dream on aired on ATN Bangla)
4. Bolo Ban Jamata—2009 (Occasional dream on aired on Rtv)
5. Bazi—2010 (Special drama on aired on ATN Bangla)
6. Kata—2010 (Telefilm on aired on Ntv)
7. Bumerang—2012 (Telefilm on aired on Bangla vision)
8. Mon Foring Er Golpo—2012 (Telefilm on aired on Ntv)
9. Himgiri te Jhora Palok—2013 (Telefilm on aired on Gtv)
10. Mumbasa—2013 (Drama series on aired on Masranga TV)
11. Dakhinayon er Din—2013 (Mega series on aired on Ntv)
12. Eshahor Jadur shohor—2014 (Special dream on aired on Channel 24)
13. Oporajita—2014 (Series dream on aired on Rtv)
14. Love Finally—2015 (Mega series on aired on Rtv)
15. Jogajog Golojog—2015 (Mega series on aired on NTV)
16. Ami Tumi Tumi Ami—2016 (Festival Dream on aired on NTV)
17. Astha—2016 (Drama series on aired on NTV)
18.Tomay Dilam Prithibi—(Telefilm on aired on Deepto Tv)
19. Shanti Odhidoptor—2016 (Mega series on aired on Rtv)
20. Shomrat—2016 (Drama series on aired on NTV)
21. Shahosika—2017 (Telefilm on aired on Channel I)
22. Valobasha Na Basha—2017 (Single Drama on aired on ATN Bangla)
23. Amader Hattkhola—2016 & 2017 (Series dream on aired on Boishaki TV)
24. Nabab Er Prem—2017 (Festive dream on aired on NTV)
25. Diganter Shes Prante—2016 (Single dream on aired on ATN Bangla)
26. Vagabond—2017 (Mega series on aired on ATN Bangla)
27. Razu 420—2017 (Mega series on aired on ATN Bangla)
28. Nir Khoje Gangchil—2016 (Mega series on aired on ATN Bangla)
I have started my career as a model in 2007. In the first time of my career, I was
doing photo shoot for Billboard and press advertisements. Then slowly, I had
involved with TVC (Television visual). After that, suddenly I have got a chance to
audition for a drama series Alta Sundori, which was published on popular tv
channel in Bangladesh in 2008. I played the role as Masuma in the lead opposite
Chanchal Chowdhury. He is a renowned actor in Bangladesh.

1. Nescafé illboard —2006 (Unilever Company)
2.Citycell one—2006 (Telecom company)
3.Diamond world Ltd—2014 (Jewellery)
4.Amin Jewellers Ltd—2009 (Jewellery)
1. I had done a acting course from ‘Prachyanat School’–2009
2.Diploma in Makeup Course from ‘Cosmoprof Academy Singapore’—2018
1.CJFB Award 2010:
Awarded to: As a Actress of newcomer in Film Industry
Movie: JAAGO
Released year-2010
Character Name: Reshma
Director: Khijir Hayat Khan
Co-artist: Nayem
2. RTV star Awards 2009:
Awarded to: As a best performer
Drama serial: ALTA SUNDORI
Director: Salauddin Lavlu
On aired: Rtv
Year: 2008-2009
Character Name: Masuma
Co-artist: Chanchal Chowdhury
3. CJFB Award 2013:
Awarded to: As a Supporting actress
Telefilm: Himgiri te jhora Palok
Director: Nurul Alam Atik
On aired: Gtv
Year: 2013
Co-Artist: Syed Babu
Swimming; Bicycle Riding; Licensed Driver-(own car); Gymnastics
Involved with donating; Relief; Rural development
1. SSC Jessore
2. HSC Dhaka
3. B’COM National University, Dhaka
Full Name: Kazi Nusrat Jahan Diana
First Name: Kazi
Last Name: Diana
Height: 5’.5”
Weight: 64kg
Religion: Islam (Sunni)
Occupation: Actress
Zodiac signs: Virgo
Skin Colour: Light Brown
Hair: Blonde
Hobbies: Acting, Travelling, cooking

Personal Details:
Height: 5.5”
Citizenship: Bangladeshi
Religion: Islam

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